Below are some of the Bloodstock and racing sites that I would recommend.

This site is very good if you want to check a pedigree back to the founding sires. You can also add your own pedigrees to the database.

Similar to pedigree query but also provide useful percentage stats on any given mating

Still essential but they have gotten greedy in recent years trying to extract the max from people with more and more content restricted unless you signed up for their ‘ultimate’ package.

Great form research facility as you can watch archived footage of all the races from their racetracks.

Great resource for those who follow systems. There is a monthly subscription fee but it is worth it.

A high quality blog from Sid Fernando

John P. Sparkman’s views on the racing world.

Useful for watching free replays of races (requires skybet account)


Good for US and International news

Bill Oppenheim’s views of the world

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